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Snow Cake PICSPAM!

WEEEEEEE! Christmas came early this year!

Today, the Snow Cake DVD plopped into my letterbox! Amazon had set an ETA at February 8th, but WEE for early deliveries!

So I ripped off the wrapping and slammed it into the DVD drive on my computer to get some fresh screenshots for you all! And OMG and GUH and AASDFDFDFDFG... there was extra materials GALORE on it. Making of and a lot of Deleted Scenes and ....garghl...

So instead of just doing new and better versions of the ones I've already posted some time back from the brilliant *cough*copy*cough* I had of it, I decided to do some screenshots from the extra material instead.

So here goes (below the cut since we're talking nice and BIG pictures)

in case you didn't know..

From the Making Of...

Look at his curled up legssssss....

Listening closely to the director

One of His funny faces

and a lovely smile

Wouldn't you like this sight when you go to bed?!

From Deleted Scenes. Alan with a GUN!

I seriously, vehemently HATE Carrie Ann Moss now...

Also from Deleted Scenes. Alan looking smug because he just made a GREAT remark

I want to be a McDonalds-straw...

Blow Dry revisited? Alan doing a haircut!

Are you all still among the living? I know this almost killed me :o]:::.....

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